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October 19th, 2020

I think its safe to say we all hate "newsletters". For most of us, the word "newsletter" has become unattractive. So why are we doing this?

Quality email marketing is still one of the best marketing tools available (that's one reason why we're doing this), especially for service-based businesses.

Just like branding, email marketing is all about speaking to your ideal clients. A newsletter is an opportunity to update your subscribers with useful information about your industry as well as upcoming events and current promotions.

As you consider building your own email list and sending periodic emails to engage potential clients, think about this: How do you feel about the emails you get that you do enjoy? Can you be that for someone else? Of course, you can! I stay subscribed to a handful of email lists that give me consistent value - personally and in business. Many are from people who inspire me from what they do. These are people I like being reminded of and thinking about once in a while for inspiration and motivation.

At Save As, we're masters at building engaging newsletters and email content! We can help you regularly produce valuable, high quality, targeted content. We will draft, revise and finalise a subject line that encourages high click-through rates.

If you aren't convinced yet, subscribe to our newsletter!

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